Jenna Pallis



  • Jenna Pallis, aka the Stripper Superstar, has been a distinctive influence in the exotic dancer scene since her debut in 2007.  As a self-proclaimed, “independent artist for the adult world,” she had a vision to reintroduce fine art to the strip club genre, to have feature acts grounded in creativity as well as sensuality, and to bring forth the spirit of Vaudeville, bridging the gap between theatre and adult entertainment.  She has danced her way across the stages of nearly every Gentleman’s club in San Francisco, performing her hit shows “The Two Sides of Jenna Pallis,” “Jenna Pallis and the Origin of Scandal,” and “Jenna Pallis: the Teacher's Pet,” among others.  In addition, she has also performed at various clubs in Los Angeles such as Dames n' Games, as well as Sapphire Gentleman’s Club in Las Vegas. In 2012, her distinguished presence among the Bay Area Strip Club scene dubbed her “the hottest stripper in San Francisco,” and she's also been called the modern day Marilyn Monroe and the Carol Doda or our generation. In January 2013 her show, “A Cheer for the Home Team,” which she performed at DejaVu Centerfolds, earned her rave reviews all across the social-media, and as a result she was officially selected as the Hottest 49ers Superfan of 2013.  She makes regular guest appearances on the Lamont and Tonelli morning show on 107.7 the bone, and she was also featured in the Kafani music video, “Throw Da Cash On It.”  She is also the owner of Too Cheeky Exotic Dancewear, where she is also a model and head-designer.